Posted by: Amy | December 7, 2007

What About Red Dye?

I am a little late in writing this post. This past Sunday night my husband and I feel we have made a new discovery. After dinner we let the boys have some homeade ice cream. We had some sprinkles in the pantry in which they must have when they eat ice cream. Anyway, to make a long story short, immediately after eating their desert, Randy started bouncing off the walls!

This event immediately got my wheels turning. I had just recently read a thread on KWFA about food dyes and how they can cause reactions. Reactions from food dyes can cause different things like GI distress, skin problems (eczema), and even anaphylaxis! But, red dye in particular seems to cause hyperactivity in some individuals. This is what we think it does to Randy!

We started reminiscing on times like when he ate some fruit snacks and he had the same crazy behavior. I got online to look up ingredients, and low and behold, the common denominator: Red dye #40!

Now, I realize that it is probably a bit early to start jumping to conclusions. We will just have to keep our eyes and minds open to what he is eating and what his behavior is. But, my gut instinct is saying it is the dye!

I would love to hear what you know about this topic.


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