Posted by: Amy | December 12, 2007

A Link Between Vaccinations and Food Allergies?

I have always wondered about the connection between food allergies and vaccinations. It has always seemed to me that there should be a connection between the two since both subjects involve antibodies and the immune system. This article is incredibly enlightening on the subject. It only strengthens my suspicions! Why have there not been more studies on this subject??? I realize that vaccinations have helped to ward off serious diseases, but the thought of trading one epidemic for another does not make sense to me!



  1. One more article on the possible vaccine allergy link.
    I doubt the reduction in disease by vaccines would warrant the damage of causing so many allergic dz, asthma, etc…
    Seems the only winner would be the big pharm.

  2. Denise, thank you for the link. I found it very interesting.

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