Posted by: Amy | December 15, 2007

Article in Science News 2003

I was doing some research tonight and I came across this very interesting article. What I find most interesting is that it was written just days before my son was born. I find that kind of ironic.

The focus of the article is on finding the cause for peanut allergy. I do find it interesting that it quotes research studies supporting a theory that says skin exposure to peanut oil early in life leads to developing a peanut allergy.

The article also says there is a link between children developing peanut allergies and babies that drank soy based formula. This is irrevelant to me because my son did not drink soy based formula. It did seem, though, that at about the age of two weeks, when we introduced formula for the first time, is when he developed a full body rash that was diagnosed as eczema.


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