Posted by: Amy | January 8, 2008

NPR To Interview Dr. Hugh Sampson

In response to all of the complaints after the interview of Meredith Broussard, NPR(comment #79) has announced that they will interview Dr. Hugh Sampson on January 31 at 12:40pm on the Leonard Lopate Show to offer a balanced perspective on the issue of food allergies. I am sure this time the information will be presented with accurate sources and information, and if there is a link on their website of the interview, I will post it here.



  1. Okay….now Meredith Broussard has posted two new enteries on her failed relationships blog about food allergies! Her comments feature is still turned off to no surprise. You can e-mail her at The link to her blog is:
    In one of her blogs she comments on the upcoming interview with Dr. Hugh Sampson…she needs to stop spouting!

  2. Here is the latest article from the New York Times out today 1/9/07. It’s an interesting piece about food allergies and some comments on FAAN and their allergists. The article comes at a time that the retirement announcement from FAAN coincidently happens in the same week. I don’t think it has to do with Meredith Broussard’s article, as much as this piece. FAAN still has saved lives….don’t know what else to say about that.

    Meredith Broussard has no merit in my book, but this woman has some interesting points. She also quotes the CDC’s statistics from 2004, but states they may be underestimated for all we know, not overestimated like Broussard does. In the wonderful world of food allergies, who knows what to believe anymore! Can we ask that she also be on the NPR radio show on Jan. 31st? Her and Dr. Sampson may have slightly different takes?

    Here’s the article:

    It would be nice to get some factual answers….

  3. Canico, thank you for the link to the article. I will post it in a post so that it will be easier to get to.


  4. An unbiased doctor was interviewed in a great article in response to Meredith Broussard’s trash! It event sites sources, etc. and debunks all her theories! Yeah!
    Here’s the link:

  5. My blood is still boiling over the Meredith Broussard article/NPR appearance. It’s so irresponsible and I’m glad to hear that a respected doctor will offer a rebuttal interview. We need people to understand that this is a serious problem, and not to undermine the efforts of concerned parents. It’s the lack of sensitivity for anyone else’s health concerns on the part of this writer that amazes me the most.
    The story is very helpful. Thanks for discussing this story on your blog. The more food-allergic parents who know about this nonsense, the better. I’ve also covered this story on my blog,

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