Posted by: Amy | April 2, 2008

The Boxcar Children

     We have finally finished our first Boxcar Children book.  We should have been done ages ago, but as I have mentioned before-  March was busy!  Iwas very impressed that  when little R and I picked it back up the other night, he remembered all the last details where we left off.  We went to the library yesterday afternoon to return the old and then check out the next one which is “Surprise Island.”  We got started on it last night, and almost couldn’t put it down…LOL!

     I don’t remember reading any of these books when I was young.  I don’t even remember hearing the titles.  I find it interesting because I have always enjoyed reading; even at a young age.

    My boys are having a great time pretending to be the boxcar children.  They have bee using their play dishes and food and are pretending to live like the boxcar children did in the first book.  Watching them brings back memories of my own childhood.  What a precious time in life.



  1. We loved the Boxcar Children!

    I bet your boys would also like Henry Huggins and Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle and Hank the Cowdog– all big boy hits for us! I especially liked getting the audio CDs of them from our library. The boys would beg to sit in the car a little longer to finish up the chapter– even if it meant sitting in our driveway. :-)

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