Posted by: Amy | April 4, 2008

Another Curriculum Change

     I have mentioned before that I am not completely happy with our Veritas program.  I cannot get use to the style of print that it teaches, and it feels to be moving quite slow.  This may be the reason for our absence lately from the class room. 

     Originally, I liked the idea of teaching writing the way the Veritas Phonics Museum teaches it, but I have discovered that little R’s fine motor skills are not quite ready for the small details (the tiny loops and curves) that are part of the style.  He gets very discouraged during the writing part of class time because of this problem.  I started to weed in our Get Ready For the Code from EPS, but it is proving to be a lot of extra work on my part. 

     I met a new friend (hi Dora!) today who is also homeschooling a child about the same age as little R, and she introduced me to Abeka.  I have seen the website, but I think I was previously never attracted to the curriculum because the website offers no real insight (other than written description) to what the curriculum looks like.   Dora was kind enough to bring her collection of teaching materials to share with me.  I got a glimpse into the teacher’s manual, and the student workbook.  She was even generous enough to carry in her hefty collection of “teaching tools” (I don’t think they were exactly considered manipulative, but you get the picture.)

     I am feeling excited to get back into the swing of things.  I am planning on using the current plan of action (Veritas Phonics Museum with Explode the Code) until we officially get our start in the fall.  I have a sneaking suspicion, though, that we will be moving in the direction of Abeka when that time comes.



  1. I experienced the same thing with VP Phonics Museum. We finished up the Kindergarten material, but I stopped using their handwriting sheets. My son wasn’t forming his letters well and needed the simpler traditional manuscript. I found free worksheets online to teach him to form each letter properly and then use that style in the VP worksheets as needed.

    A Beka handwriting teaches cursive very early, and I prefer to wait until third grade for that.

    At the moment we are pausing from Phonics Museum (we finished the Kindergarten and will do first grade next) to practice reading skills with Explode the Code and other reading books (early readers from the library, practice pages from Phonics Pathways, etc).

    From another classical home schooler,
    Mrs. Edwards
    Veritas at Home:

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