Posted by: Amy | April 4, 2008

Kids With Food Allergies

I would like to take this time to write about a wonderful online support group that has proven to be of great help to me this past year. Kids With Food Allergies is an online site that offers a forum for parents of kids with food allergies where they can engage in conversation about all of the different aspects of living with a child that suffers this disease.

For me, it has not only given me great support in that I was reminded I am not alone in this battle, but I have gained some great advice through my experience there.

Of course, it is always important to check with your doctor first about medical issues, but in the challenging world of food allergies, it sometimes takes a whole community of experienced parents to help figure out some of the mysterious reactions that are often encountered on this journey.

For what it is worth, I give my full endorsement to Kids With Food Allergies. I hope, as a parent with a food allergy kid, you can find the same sense of peace I have found while visiting and sharing with the other parents who are also in your shoes.


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