Posted by: Amy | April 6, 2008

Field Trip Ideas

     I love field trips for a couple of reasons.  For one, it provides mommy, which is me of course, a great change of scenery.  Also, I think it provides a great angle, and sometimes even hands on approach to learning.  We have started a habit of visiting a few places on somewhat of a regular basis-  the children’s museum, the natural history museum, the zoo, the nature center, and even just the park.  I would love to learn of what you do for field trips.


  1. Our fav places to visit:
    Children’s Museum
    Old MacDonald’s Farm (fun petting zoo and park)
    Botanic Gardens
    Fire Station
    HEB (local grocery store that actually offers tours for school groups/children)
    Library (they also have nice little tours/talks)
    Great Harvest Bread Company (from grinding wheat to make yummy breads)
    Bowling- because it’s FUN, especially on $1 days!
    Local factories like the Blue Bell Creamery, Lawler’s Cheesecake Factory and a cheese company.

  2. We have a zoo membership and take a quick (about an hour or so) swing by the zoo any time we make a trip to SuperTarget since they are both near one another (this is about a 40 minute drive for us).

    I am all about FREE educational field trip experiences. For us that mostly means the beach and lagoon, but we also have a college botanical garden nearby, a small art museum that offers free admission one day a week, another smallish art museum in a neighboring county that offers free admission, and so on. I look for other community events that might qualify as field trips as well (like the Cracker Christmas celebration each December at Ft. Christmas and Earth Day events). This year we have opted to do our field trips as a family outing (kind of like a mini day-long vacation) on a weekend day (traveled to another zoo, planetarium – free, Kennedy Space Center – free days, etc.).

  3. Thank you all so much for your input! I appreciate it a ton, and I will make sure to write about our trips to these new places.

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