Posted by: Amy | April 8, 2008

The Natural History Museum

     We visited the Natural History Museum yesterday and discovered something new!  We have been there many times, but we really do learn something new everytime.  Our membership has proven to be a great investment.

     While we were in the Natural History Museum, we found the “Trading Post.”  This part of the museum is designed solely to help and encourage children to learn.  Each month they put together a different scavenger hunt.  The children are to use the hunt to fill in the blanks of sentences that are designed to teach about a particular topic. 

     When the children get the scavenger hunt paper filled in, they then take it to the Trading post to collect points.  The children can use these points to buy items in the trading post.  The items are things like rocks or fossils that are brought in by other people as a trade. 

     Another way to earn points is to bring in something that was discovered outside of the museum.  First the child has to learn some facts about it so they can tell about it when they take it to the trading post.  The more they can tell about the item the more points they get.

     Points can be saved up to trade for more exciting things.  For 20,000 points I saw the skull of a bull with horns!


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