Posted by: Amy | April 11, 2008

Food Allergy Support- in the form of music???

     Sometime within the past year, a Canadian man by the name of Kyle Dine produced an awesome food allergy CD, “You Must Be Nuts.”  Each of the songs are very upbeat with catchy rhymes, and they zero in on the different aspects of food allergies.  A few of my favorites are, “Epi-Man,” “Smelephant the Allergic Elephant,” and “Stop! Please Don’t Feed Me.”

     Living in the world of food allergies is at times very stressful and overwhelming- especially for a parent of a food allergic child.  Some of these songs come across as silly, but in reality they hit home hard for me.  I found myself tearing up quite a bit the first time I listened.  It is as though there is now something HUGE out there that understands my life in the world of food allergies, and provides something that my child can really connect to.  Thank you Kyle Dine!



  1. Thank you for this info! I teared up, also, the first time I heard it.

    How empowering to hear this. I’m not sure if my daughter will be interested (she’s now old enough to be picky about music) but I’m buying it anyway. I hope you don’t mind if I plug this guy on my blog also.


  2. You are absolutely welcome to use the link. I emailed Kyle myself to ask for permission, and he was happy to let me do it. I think it is a wonderful way to let children (and us parents) feel comforted while on this journey.

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