Posted by: Amy | April 12, 2008

Two Great Website Finds!

     Okay, I realize that many of you probably are already aware of at least one of these awesome websites, but I just found them this morning.  I was “googling” different authors of children’s books, and happened upon them.  The names of the sites are Kids Reads,” and The Reading Tub.”  They both offer a huge list of different books and book series by tons of different authors.  I also appreciate that they offer an age range for each book along with a short description of what the book is about.  There are even book reviews available!  Wow!  I feel like I am in children’s book heaven!  Hee Hee!




  1. Hey! I’ve been lamenting the fact lately that I don’t have time to read through the books my almost 8 yr. old DD has been bringing home from the library. I try to keep on top of it and weed out things that Look bad before we leave the library, but she is a voracious reader and I can’t keep up. So maybe i’ll just make a list of “approved” books and authors for her to use. Thanks for the heads up!

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