Posted by: Amy | April 18, 2008

The Zoo!

We, or rather I, have been waiting patiently for our first trip to the zoo.  I love our zoo for a couple of reasons.  The obvious is the selection of creatures that are available for study.  I happen to also like the vast array of hills that encumber the walking paths.  I find it to be great exercise for myself. 

The spring season offers a beautiful display of flowers.  I fully enjoyed the visual and fragrant stimulation that the flower gardens provided.  You will witness some of the flowers in our pictures below.

Little R taking a “whiff.”

Now it is Little C’s turn.

Little R sitting on a cement Seal in the Children’s Zoo.

The boys found a hollowed out log

that they had fun hiding in.

Finally!  Little C got to ride the train.



  1. Isn’t wonderful to finally be able to do more outside things? My boys are thrilled. It looks like yours had a great time!

  2. It looks like you have a great zoo! We bought a membership to ours and take the boys for a bit every time we need to make a Super Target run (it and the zoo are about 5 minutes apart 3 towns north of us). It’s a small zoo, but they always enjoy going and it’s neat to have the opportunity to go more than just once a year (or even every few years) because it seems we see something different each time.

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