Posted by: Amy | April 29, 2008


     I am struggling.  My boys are currently so full of energy, and I feel like I have lost control!  I don’t know what is going on.  Is it the changed in weather?  I need some advice.

     It seems as though the minute they rub the sleep out of their tiny little eyes, they get some kind of surge in energy and they immediately start bouncing off the walls.  Their voices are so loud that they do not hear me calling their names.  I have tried time outs, consequences for bad actions-  all of which have not made a bit of difference! 

     I know, Mom, you are probably laughing right now.  I am having flash backs of my own childhood in remembrance of what we must have put you through.  I am also eerily hearing this little voice in my head saying, “I hope someday you end up with children that are just like you…”  I cannot imagine where that is coming from, or from who???  LOL!!!

     Seriously, if anyone can give me some words of wisdom, PLEASE!!!  Share them!!!!!



  1. You’re not the only one!!!!!!!! My boys are wild from the moment they get up until time for bed. I am so thankful that we only have about 2.5 weeks left of school and we take a break until the end of August. LOL

    Feel free to use those seminar notes. I am happy that everyone who left comments said it was just what they needed to hear/read – it’s encouraging to know that I posted something useful, but I needed to remind myself of all those points as well.

  2. Just wanted to let you know I responded to your questions over on my blog. Still, feel free to email me at

    My boys are close in age to yours and sometimes it is overwhelming! I didn’t have brothers, so it has been quite an education! I love that homeschooling lets my boys be boys. It is just so hard to sit in a chair!

    Mrs. Edwards
    Veritas at Home

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