Posted by: Amy | May 19, 2008

GMOs In Our Food Supply

Robyn O’Brien was on the CBS nightly news with Katie Couric recently to talk about genetically modified organisms in our food supply.  Most of us have either never heard of GMOs or just don’t understand them.  You can click this link to read the news article, or this link to play the video.

We take for granted that the FDA is keeping us safe.  They claim that foods containing GMOs are safe, but that leads me to ask- Why are GMOs NOT required to be listed on the labels? 

It is our right as U.S. citizens to a freedom of choice, but our freedom in essence is taken away when we are not given all information in regards to a particular situation.  It is as if the government is hiding something.  It is said in the video that the food manufacturers are afraid that if people see the words “genetically modified” on food labels, then they will not purchase the product.  If these foods are safe, why not back up the claim with real information- proof derivied from real studies- for instance. 

Most people have never heard of GMOs.  I would love to hear your opinions on the subject.  You can leave a comment and remain annonymous. 




  1. Interesting post. I am not sure when I first heard about this issue, but I remember reading that most things with soy or corn are modified unless you buy organic. I do think GMOs should be listed on the label. I have been trying to make more and more of our food from scratch and buy organic as much as possible. I can’t help but think that GMOs probably are not good for us since they are not natural. In fact, I also have been trying to eliminate cleaning chemicals from our house as well, using vinegar and baking soda whenever possible. It’s a real dilemma. Even when you read the labels as carefully as possible, you really can’t be sure what you are getting. Unless you are able to buy all organic and make everything yourself; and that can be difficult.

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