Posted by: Amy | May 20, 2008

Children and the Outdoors

Have any of you read “Last Child in the Woods,” by Richard Louv?  I have just cracked the cover, and I cannot put it down! 


It is all about saving our children from what the author calls “nature-deficit disorder.”  I remember myself as a child spending a ton of time outside.  Not just a few minutes here and there, and not always structured, but many hours of free time.  I found myself reminiscing of time spent in the woods by my house where I grew up and I could actually smell the dirt on the ground and the leaves on the trees!  I often felt a desire to climb up my favorite tree (which was actually in my own front yard!)

I have come to realize that my children are a bit deprived of someting that has seemed to vanish due to our cultural changes- there right to spend countless hours of play and exploring in nature. 

I am anxious to get more into this new read.  I found a couple of websites tied to the book that are well worth sharing.  The first is about the book itself.  At Richard Louv’s, site there are links to some great resources to help get our children reconnected with nature.  As a result of “Last Child in the Woods,” a new site,  Children and Nature, has been dedicated to the same effort.



  1. It’s a great book. I wish Louv had more faith in Scouting to address the problem.

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