Posted by: Amy | May 21, 2008

Trammel Fossil Park in Sharonville, OH

Cincinnati is known for it’s treasures of fossils.  The R.L. Trammel family donated ten acres of land full of these famous fossils.  It is available any time of day, and it is free!  We got to take an adventure of our own today.  Here are some pictures of our visit.  You can read more about the Trammel Fossil Park by clicking here

This place is huge!  Especially in the eyes of my little boys.

A perfect example of sedimentary rock…

Little R, way up on the top!  (He felt very proud to be allowed to venture off on his own.)

Little C was happy just to be allowed to use his tools…LOL!

Where there is water, there is Little C!

More tools!!!!!!!!

Little S has strong muscles.  These rocks are indeed heavy!

Look mom!  I’m rock climbing!!! And, I (Little C), am still using my tools!



  1. Very cool place to visit! My boys would have a grand time there.

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