Posted by: Amy | August 30, 2008

First Day in “K”

As promised, I am adding some pictures of Little R’s first day of kindergarten.  He absolutely loves going to school so far.  We are lucky that he has an awesome teacher who really loves her job. 

I get the biggest kick out of watching Little R throughout the day after he comes home and actually applies some of what he has learned.  For instance, I occasionally hear him singing some of the new songs he is learning.  He loves telling me about the stories his teacher reads on a daily basis.  So far, he has made a few new friends, though he does not remember names yet…LOL!  I am sure this will come fast enough.

Our elementary school keeps the kindergartners completely separated from the rest of the grades.  Their classrooms are in their own little nook, and recess is only them.  Their day goes very quickly, I drop him off at about 8:15 and pick him up by 11:00!  I had to laugh because I remember last winter how I was stressed that two hours might not have been enough time spent on school each day, and that was basically one on one!  It seems that a lot of the academic part of his learning is a bit repetitive because of our head start.  Little R seems not to care, though.  In fact, I think it makes him feel better about the situation and has relieved some of he stress of starting a new life journey.

Now that I have spilled out some of my thoughts on the matter, here are the first day pics!

Just before leaving the house…

First time walking in….

A happy grin after a successful first day!



  1. How handsome and what a precious grin! Congrats on his first day at Kindergarten!

    By the way, Tank has the very same super-dee-duper backpack. It looks like they share the same great tastes! LOL

  2. He looks so cute!!! Glad he had a wonderful day!! And yes, having a dress code is much easier!!! :)

    TTYL, Jessica S.

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