Posted by: Amy | September 3, 2008

Yes, Kindergartners Do Listen

In the previous post I mentioned that I provided some training for my son’s kindergarten teacher before school actually got started.  Not only did it give me peace of mind, but I think it helped calm her fears as well.  I also mentioned that I gave her a dvd (Alexander the Elephant Goes to School), and she made a point to play it the first day of class.  The dvd is only about ten minutes long- perfect for wiggly little 5 year olds.  After the dvd there was a little time for discussion and for Little R to show his medic alert bracelet.

School has been in session now for a little over one week, and so far there have already been two birthday sesons where treats were sent in.  I provided a little bin of safe treats for Little R so he could choose something on these particular days.  Mrs. M told me that just the other day while they were all enjoying some cookies that were sent in, one of the children said, “Hey, why does he get a box of Nerds to eat???”  Little R quickly replied, “I picked them out of my bin.”  Another little child, a girl I think, chimed in, “Remember the Elephant?”  I can picture them now :-)  I am glad Mrs. M was there to witness it.


  1. You will find that young kids who are exposed to friends with food allergies at a young age think that it’s no big deal. They take it in stride and even look out for their food-allergic friends and what they can eat.

    My daughter’s friends have always supported her and I feel grateful for that.

    It’s heartwarming to see your child be welcomed and cared for by their school friends–may this be the first of many of those kinds of incidences for you!

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