Posted by: Amy | September 20, 2008

Little C’s Masterpiece.

Little C came to me yesterday after spending some time in the playroom alone.  He was very proud of a project he had been working on.  He told me, “Come mommy, you have to see my huge building!”  Of course, I had to take a picture :)

Little C's building.

Little C's building!



  1. That is such a great picture, he is so adorable, he and my little guy could practically pass for brothers!! And they show off the same grin when parading their creations. Congrats on the upcoming baby BOY, what fun. I must admit, I really do love our three, it has been great having two girls in a row and then three boys in a row. I’m so thrilled that you have power again, and that you not only survived the power outage, but enjoyed it as a family. Great memories, regardless. Hugs!!

  2. Thank you, Donna. It would be great fun if our little preschoolers could get together and play :) I didn’t realize that your youngest three are boys. I have a feeling I will be learning a lot from you!

  3. What a great grin and what a tall tower! LOL That never gets old, does it? We have pictures of bigger-than-thou towers made out of cardboard bricks, out of legos, out of lincoln logs… you name it, they’ll build it!

    Glad you got a picture! It won’t be long before he’ll build it out of 2x4s!

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