Posted by: Amy | October 13, 2008

Missing Our Homeschool :(

I have to start out by saying that Little R’s school experience is going great.  He loves his teacher.  He likes doing the work he is given.  I have even noticed quite a few positive changes in him since the start of the year.  For instanct, he hops right on top of the chance to help out with things, wether it be for me, daddy, or even little brother!  He has been spending a lot more time than usual, on his own, with crayons and markers making quite unique drawings.  He doesn’t grumble when I want to sit down and some “after school” work.  In fact, he seems to actually enjoy the extra work.  We have even been spending about 20 minutes every afternoon for reading time in which little R reads to ME!

So, it is not that I am at all unhappy with the school.  In fact, the greatness of the school is what is making my struggle a struggle.  I just personally miss the homeschool experience.  It is so rewarding to witness milestones such as when little R learns to sound out a new word and I get to watch the smile grow on his face.  I feel like it only strengthens the bond between us. 

I guess for now, though, we have to stick with the plan.  Little R will continue with kindergarten and afterschool in the afternoons.  I am spending time rethinking our decision for next year.  I have learned that there is no easy answer.  I am truly caught between the two worlds.  I enjoy reading all of your blogs out there who write about homeschooling.  They have been very inspiring.  Thank you all for taking the time to write about your experiences.


  1. You most certainly can still consider yourself a teacher to your little man even if you aren’t the only teacher right now. :)

    And you’re right – there often is no easy answer. The Lord will lead you to His will, though if you keep asking Him which way to go.

    Blessings- and a prayer for you today,

  2. I am glad that he is enjoying Kindergarten! And I am so very glad that you are still spending that quality time with him in the afternoons.

    God will show you the direction you need to take. He is always faithful to answer those that truly seek His will. Just take it one day at a time. You are a wonderful mommy!!!

  3. So many prayers go up for you. I know the struggle with schooling, but remember that you are teaching your kids every single day. I hope you are resting when you can. Keep us informed. And don’t lose a minute worrying about school, just keep listening to God and leave it in His hands. I love popping over here to check in!! Hugs!

  4. I hope you get notifications for comments, let me know how things are going. No one has been on WD for a while, I hop on to check, but nothin. :-( Anyway, I keep you in my prayers and would love to hear how things are going. Hugs!

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