Posted by: Amy | October 29, 2008

Feeling the Tug

It is Wednesday morning, and I find myself sitting alone in the kitchen, at 8:15am, enjoying a huge cup of coffee.  Wow!  What a way to wake up!  Having this quiet time to myself before they storm out of bed is absolutely wonderful.  Actually, what is truly wonderful is what I am about to write about.

Yesterday Little R had to stay home from school due to having a fever the night before and again while he was sleeping.  He and Little C didn’t get out of bed until about 8am (even though they went to bed at 7:30pm the night before!) , so I knew I made the right decision in keeping R home for the day.  When he woke for the day, he actually seemed to feel much better, so I decided that we were going to do our own school at some point.

We took our time waking up and having breakfast.  No rushing through our bowls of cereal and out the door.  We straightened up the house together, yep, boys included.  They now have their own special duties to help mommy- mainly anything that requires bending over– picking up things off the foor, collecting the laundry and carrying it off to the laundry room, etc.  The got to have a morning cartoon show.  I mainly allowed this since I knew R wasn’t feeling the best.

Then, about 11:00 or so, (I wasn’t following the clock,) we sat down for some school.  R had a piece of homework that involved coloring a picture of something involving the letter of the week, “J,” cutting it out, then writing three words that start with that letter on the back.  He did that work first.  He requrested to do math work next, and since school had sent home a workbook from Houghton Miffin for extra practice, that is what we used.  He did about 5 pages of work in that workbook.  It was easy work by his standards, but, I felt okay with it since I figured it was similiar to what they are working on in his class at school.  Afterward, he did three pages of Explode the Code, read “The Jet” (reader #5 from Primary Phonics, level 1), and answered the questions in the Comprehension workbook that follows the readers.  I should add that he did a lot of coloring on his own.  I also pulled out book B from Get Ready for the Code, so he could work on letter J.  Even though these workbooks are geared more for preschool (in my opinion, anyway,) I figured he could use the extra practice writing the letter.

I should add a little of what C did for the day as well.  He has been avidly working on Get Ready for the Code, book A.  He is just about finished with it.  In fact, he is on the last letter, which is letter “Tt.”  He actually already knows each of the letters and their sounds, but I like this book series because it helps with the fine motor skills involved in writing the letters.  I also like it because it seems to really boost his confidence when he finishes each page- alone!  That is really the only official curriculum I have for C, but he did work on some other things.  I have a few Kumon books left over that he used yesterday for practice with scissors, and he loves to draw his own pictures and color!

So, what does all this mean?  Well, I enjoyed our day yesterday like I haven’t in a long time.  As you probably already know, I have been struggling with the decision to home school or keep R in public school, and yesterday sure boosted me in the direction of homeschooling.  I think earlier this year when I was awful sick with pregnancy side effects, I had a hard time imagine getting anything done in our school.  I also have since learned that I was trying to be to rigid in our schedule.  For instance, I had our day written out by the half hour!  Yesterday, we did some work before lunch, then did some more later.  It was a wonderful and relaxed way to accomplish the work. I think R was under way less stress this way as well.  He has had a hard time at school with paying attention and not talking to the other children around him.  I guess, the biggest epiphany I had was how much I love having my boys with me.  Watching them play together, and work together at the kitchen table, I realized that they would lose a lot of that if they did go through public school. 

I have been praying about it, and I am starting to feel a very strong tug to keep them home with me.  Of course, I will keep things the way they are through the rest of this year.  It only makes sense to me, and since I don’t know what it will be like come February and the new baby, it is probably best.  Not to mention, I love his teacher this year.  She is awesome!  She has gone way out of her way to make the classroom and school experience a safe one for R in regards to his food allergies.  Is she would be his teacher throughout the years, it would make my decision even harder :)

Little R has stayed home again today.  I thought he was better yesterday, but that stubborn fever came back last night.  He seems very weak and sickly this morning.  Almost worse than yesterday.  If he feels better later, we will pick up where we left off yesterday.


  1. I continue to keep you in my prayers and you are often in my thoughts. Yes, homeschooling does allow for those teaching moments, resting moments, and sibling moments they will miss if they are in school. Enjoy the year, appreciate the time you have when you have it, for everything–you alone, and you with the boys. You are right, with the baby’s arrival and everything that you have going on this year, it will be fine to keep them in PS for the year. I am glad God continues to guide you with this decision, and I pray you find comfort in His hands throughout the year. HUGS!!

  2. If you remember from my earlier post I too put my DS in PS for kindergarten. Well we lasted 7 weeks. Keep in mind it was a full day kindergarten (as most are here in Los Angeles) so he wasn’t home till 3pm! So many things went into our decision to go back to homeschooling. From subsitutes being there more than his teacher, work way too remedial, teacher offering MORE homework to challenge him (he was already doing 30-40 min a night of the remedial stuff), DS being exhausted from being gone all day…I could go on and on. If it’d been a half day he would probably still be there but that’s not the case where we live. I’ve seen a huge change in him since he’s been home the last week. He’s happy, not stressed and exhausted and is interested in learning again. He also has time to do activities/classes that he enjoys. With a full day of school plus homework I wasn’t allowing him any outside activities. I have a daughter too, she’s almost 4. She isn’t ready for formal homeschooling(workbooks) yet but likes hands on things. One thing I love about homeschooling is that you really get to know your child’s learning style and what works for them. Our plan is to go year by year. We have a small Catholic school down the street we may look at for 1st grade but only if it is a good fit for DS. I could write pages on this topic. Best of luck with your decision. Remember if you decide to HS he can do extracurricular classes to be around other kids and have that “socialization” so many are worried about. :) My kids are in activities 3 mornings a week plus play dates. Life got really busy but better.You’ll be in my prayers. Feel free to email if you’d like to talk further. Another thought is you can always homeschool then go back to PS. Nothing says you have to HS till they are 18.
    Erika in So California

  3. Praying that it becomes clear to you the right direction for your family. Hope R is feeling better.

  4. Praying for you too, Amy! I’m also praying for your pregnancy. Can’t wait to see who pops out to join your sweet family! What a blessed child.

    In Christ

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