Posted by: Amy | November 27, 2008

Mommy, did God make the……

Dear little C has been asking me a ton of questions about God lately.  His thoughts seem to start turning as soon as we drop little R off at school in the morning and start driving down the road.  It is so cute and innocent.  I love having these conversations. 

He usually asks the same ones, “Mommy, did God make the trees?”  I usually reply, “What do you think?”  (Mainly because we have discussed this many time, and I know he knows the answer.)  “Mommy, who made the clouds?  Who made the buildings?” And, on and on… 

Then, “Mommy, God made me and Randy.  Did I come in the same box as Randy?” 

Okay, it was all I could do to stop from giggling.  “Box???? ” I said to little C. “Honey, you didn’t come in a box, you grew in my belly just like little baby J is.”  “Ooohhh!” he says.  Then complete silence for the rest of the drive. 



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