Posted by: Amy | December 16, 2008

The Final Decision

I finally received our packet in the mail from Tapestry of Grace.  I am very impressed by what I have learned so far about this program.  I love the idea of teaching my children school lessons that are centered around history; especially since the perspective of Christianity is included!   I grew up in a Christian family, but did not go to church or spend much time learning about our faith.  Because of this I always felt a little confused about things.  In fact, there are times even now in my adult life that I feel confused about some of what the bible teaches.  I am so excited to have discovered Tapestry of Grace for my children!   I am certain that it will prove a wonderful way to teach my children about our christian faith, along with the bible, while learning history along side to help explain it all.  I even feel excited for myself because I am sure I will also learn a lot along the way.

I am amazed at how much there is that goes along with each weeks lessons!  I ordered a free three week lesson plan from the Tapestry of Grace website.  I found it very helpful in explaining how the program works.  It appears, as I have read on many other blogs that write about Tapestry of Grace as well, that there is more than enough to keep us busy learning.  How wonderful!  And, there are TONS of hands on learning ideas that are offered!!!  I always like the idea of “school in a box,” (like Calvert, or Abeka,) but felt that they were never quite a good fit in all the areas of study.  For instance, little R is pretty far ahead in certain areas, therefore if we used one of these programs he wouldn’t get much out of it.  But, with Tapestry of Grace, there is a lot of room to customize while still having a wonderfully written lesson plan! 

The only subjects that Tapestry of Grace does not include are math and science.  I am planning on using Saxon math and Apologia for the science to substitute.    I also like what I see in Shurley English, so I am thinking of using it for our grammar studies.

Even though I am still nervous about making that leap into homeschooling once next school year starts, I feel a lot better now that I found a game plan.  I am sure that in time we will have much to write about in our homeschool journey!



  1. I’m excited. I think you will really love Tapestry of Grace!

  2. I am so proud of you to make that choice!! I know that I am still struggling…and E and B are well into public elementary school…it is the middle school and high school years that really scare me (as a parent) and feel that the Holy Spirit is trying to tell me to home school. E goes into the 6th grade next year…B in the 3rd. Please pray for me and the kids! You sound so excited and determined…I am happy for your family…God Bless your home. Jessica

  3. I know what you mean by feeling scared of the later years! Not only do I remember my own highschool experience, but I have heard far to many stories in regards to kids that are in highschool now! Things have only gotten worse over the years :(

  4. Congrats on your decision. We are still in limbo about what to do next school year. DS is being homeschooled right now but I’m pregnant with a third child so I’m not sure if I’m up for homeschooling 2 children with a newborn. Time will tell. Best of luck.
    Erika in CA

  5. Amy! I am so so so so so excited to hear that you will venture into homeschooling again next year. I used TOG for several years, and I really loved it. The only thing I felt it lacked (from a classical ed perspective) was comprehensive memory work. But then I found Classical Conversations and found my missing piece. I know you will love TOG. For Lower Grammar kids, I think the most valuable piece is the teachers notes. I learned way more than my kids did. And it caused me to love history even more as I started to view it as a tapestry of God’s hand through time. I did finally depart from it 2 years ago when all at one time we moved, had a new baby and I started directing a CC group in my area. All of a sudden, it seemed like to much to go to the library and find books, etc. Although if I had been a more organized person, it would have been ok! I also think the real value of TOG comes at the dialectic and rhetorical levels with all the literature and weekly discussions. Anyway. They’ve come a long way, too, just in the past few years with their redesign.

  6. We love Tapestry of Grace at our house! Thank you for visiting my blog and telling me about the links not working. I think I’ve got them fixed now.

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