Posted by: Amy | December 16, 2008


Just recently, little R has discovered a few new cartoons that he now enjoys viewing.  These shows happen to be on the Cartoon Network channel, therefore there are commercials….. ewwww!   What is funny about this, though, is how he responds to them.  Most of the time he asks me to forward through them (we try and record his shows with the DVR to limit tv time, and to monitor what is watched…), but occasionally he says some funny things in regards to the commercials we unfortunately expose him to.  For instance, just the other day he asked me,

“Mom, do you have any gold?”

Me:  “Yes.” And I showed him my gold wedding band.

Him:  “Any more gold?”

Me:  “Well, I might have a pair of earrings that are gold, and maybe a necklace or two.”  I am answering him feeling puzzled by his unusual interest in my jewelry.

Him:  “Well, did you know that you can take ALL of your gold to this place and they will give you MONEY for it?????” 

Me and my hubby….. we look at each other and begin to crack up!!!  (Then, explain to little R about commercials.)



  1. LOL!! And people think children don’t understand…of course they do…more than we know! :)

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