Posted by: Amy | January 2, 2009

Food Allegries Linked to Bedwetting?

Bed wetting is still an issue in our house.  Little R is about to turn six years old is still sleeping in pull up diapers.  I feel very bad for him because I know first hand what he is going through.  I happen to also have been a bed wetter when I was a child.  I do not remember at what age I actually started making it through the night dry, but I am pretty certain it was after the age of six. 

I recieve regular emails from Beyond Allergy in which the most recent one highlighted  this article on Healthy-Family.  The article titled Food Allergies May Cause Your Child’s Bed Wetting Problem, talks about how when certain foods were taken out of an individuals diet, they quit wetting the bed.  With Little R, he does not ingest any of the known foods that he is allergic to which obviously means that they are not the cause of his bed wetting.  However, I am now wondering if there may be other foods that he is ingesting that are maybe not true allergies but an intolerance.  He does also have eczema which is mentioned in the article as a risk factor.

Have you heard of this?


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