Posted by: Amy | April 3, 2009

Hives, OH MY!


Just a few days ago, my little C broke out in hives!  We have always treated him as if he has the same food allergies as little R because we have never been 100% sure that he doesn’t.  He did have a breakout of eczema from head to toe about three years ago after eating eggs (after his allergy test was negative…)

Friday morning, after breakfast, little C started getting these random hives on his body.  There were only about three of them to start, but they were rather large- about the size of a silver dollar!  I gave him Benadryl, and they disappeared pretty much right away.  It was later in the day, when they started reappearing and would NOT disappear with Benadryl that I got worried!

I called the pediatrician, and they eventually told me to bring him in.  The doctor who saw him was stunned at the size of the hives.  He said that he had never seen hives that large before in person!  He checked his breathing and felt confident that we didn’t have to worry about anaphylaxis.  Though, part of the reaction did include very red, itchy eyes, and a nose that was like a drippy faucet!

I took him home, and proceeded to get him ready for bed.  However, as I was taking his clothes off to put on pajamas, I about fell over at the sight of his hives!  They were enourmous!  One of them stretched form the middle of his waist down to his knee!  I am not kidding!!! 

I took some time to think about what could have been the cause of all this havoc.  Luckily, the hives started within the first h0ur of the morning, so I didn’t not have a whole day to sift through.  The only conclusion I could come up with was the yogurt little C ate for breakfast.  He has had yogurt plenty of times, but this was a new kind.  I won’t mention the brand name, but it did have some ingredients in the list that I don’t believe he has had before.  They included chickory root, and carmine.  I did some research on both, and was shocked to find a ton of information on the carmine!

Carmine is used for red food coloring.  It comes from dried, ground up beetles.  Yes, I said beetles!  Apparently, it is very commonly found in yogurts, ice cream, popsicles, and even candy.  There have been a large number of allergy reactions to carmine reported, so the FDA has passed a law that by 2011, carmine has to be listed on all ingredient labels. 

If you don’t believe me, you can read about it on the FDA website.



  1. This is shocking! I’m sure glad your little boy it all right. It is nearly impossible to keep reactions from foods at bay with food having such odd things in them. I hope you get along ok in the future.

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