Posted by: Amy | April 4, 2009

What a Great Friend!

I just HATE being so behind on my posting!  I am going to take this morning’s opportunity to write a “thank you” post to my wonderful friend Joy. 

Joy and I met in highschool.  We have been so lucky and blessed to stay in touch all these years!  Recently, Joy and her family relocated to Raleigh, NC, which is about 10 HUGE hours away from where I live :-(  We have learned to stay in touch via telephone and internet.  If fact, I almost think we keep more in touch now that she lives out of town…lol!  Funny how that happens.

Anyway, Joy had a trip planned to come back to Cincy for a church retreat.  The date of the event was scheduled for the weekend before baby J was due to arrive.  Joy and I had planned to spend some time together while she was here, and what fun it was!  First, my wonderful friend treated me to a VERY incredible pedicure!  I LOVE getting pedicures!  It was the first time I got to enjoy one with a very special frend.  Thank you Joy!


Me and my LARGE belly!


My joyful friend Joy :-)


Pretty toes!

After our much enjoyed pedicures, we headed off for a looonnng lunch at Red Lobster.  I think the waitress must have thougt we were strange.  We were there for awhile catching up, as girl-friends tend to do.

The funniest part of this whole experience is that Joy kept saying she wanted to meet baby J before she had to fly back to Raleigh on Sunday.  In fact, we kept joking about it the whole time.  We thought it would have been funny if I had gone into labor while we were hanging out.  I was feeling a larger number of contractions that day, but I had long since given up hope the he would arrive early (I was feeling miserable and wanted him OUT by this time!) But, low and behold, the Lord is good!

Later that night,… well, very early the next morning, 5am to be exact– baby J decided to grace us with his appearance!  Joy got to visit me in the delivery room before and after his arrival!  It was so wonderful that she got to meet him before flying back home.  I truly do not know when we will get to visit again.  Her being able to be there was the perfect finale to our visit.  I cannot believe, however,  that I forgot to take a picture of Joy and baby!!!!  What could have happened to my mind after hours of giving birth on virtually no sleep…lol!!??



  1. What a blessing good friends are! And how fun that she was there when your baby arrived :-) Sweet baby pictures, too. I miss the days of my little boys, so do enjoy them as the time will pass quickly!

    I wish the days passed quickly here so spring would finally arrive. Do enjoy the tulips!

    Tammy ~@~

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