Posted by: Amy | April 10, 2009

Financial Friday

I am sure that many of you have heard of Dave Ramsey and the famous FPU classes that he has designed to help people realize financial peace.  About two and a half years ago, my husband and I attended FPU at our church and it changed our lives!  At first, I was very skeptical, and truthfully did not have much interest, but after attending the first class I was hooked!

Dave Ramsey is actually a pretty funny guy.  He takes the mundane topic of money, and adds quite a bit of humor into his recorded messages. This makes it fun, if not just possible to sit through.  He has designed a plan, based on biblical principles, to help people anywhere from the bottom of the financial spectrum to people with a lot of money.  His philosophy is “live like no one else, so you can live like no one else.”  In other words, quit trying to live on money you do not have now, so that someday you will actually have real money to live on and do the things you want to do without going into debt.

Dave has a story of his own in regards to hitting rock bottom.  I think that is what I like about the guy.  He is genuine in his effort to help others in financial distress because he knows first hand what it is like to be in those  shoes.  You can read about his story on his website,

In our two and a half years of  “living like no one else” and following what we learned through FPU, my husband and I have come a long way.  At first, it felt like we would never get anywhere.  However, Dave’s words, “It is not a microwave, but a crockpot,” kept ringing in my ears.  He is so right!  Food always tastes better in a crockpot versus a microwave.

In light of our economical situation here in America, I have decided to dedicate Fridays to this topic and call it  “Financial Fridays.” I will write about our personal journey into financial freedom.  I want people to know that it is possible to live the American dream in an honest way.  It is up to us, the people (not the government) who live in the United States of America to fix the economy ourselves.  I think it is our own irresponsible money habits that have led our country to the place we have landed it today.  Yes, I know that the big banks did their fair share of enticing us here with their offers of quick credit and such, but I believe that we are smarter than that!  Hopefully with Dave’s efforts we can all start to learn how to live smarter financially.

I would love to hear feedback from all of you.  I am certain that you have stories of your own.  If you have a lot to say, write about it on your own blog, but please let me know so I can come and visit.

Come back next Friday to read about the first part our our financial peace journey.


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