Posted by: Amy | April 14, 2009

CVS Savings Galore!


I have been visiting Fish Mama’s blog for awhile now, and I am learning a lot!  She writes about various ways to save money- anywhere  from clipping coupons, to cooking ahead and freezing dinners for future use.  I am amazed at the potential savings there is to be had with a little extra effort on my part.  I urge you to visit Fish Mama for tons of other money saving ideas.

I recently read Fish Mama’s blog entries about saving money at CVS.  I have known for some time now that I could earn “extra care bucks,” but I never hardly used them.  After reading these entries, I thought I would pick up a CVS ad and give it a go

Well, let me tell you!  I purchased 34 items and paid only $64 bucks!  AND, I got ABOUT another $13 dollars in extra care bucks to use at my next visit!  The extra care bucks are used just like money.  There are no restrictions, other than the usual can’t be used on things like… prescriptions, alcohol, gift cards, etc.  You have to make sure and use them before the expiration date as well.  I think I can handle that! 

Items for this week that offered Extra Care Bucks are…

18oz. Softsoap Scrub Bodywash @ $4.99 ea. (get $4.99 back in extra care bucks. limit one per household.)

Colgate 360 sensitive toothbrush @ $3.99 (get $3.99 back in extra care bucks. limit two per household.)

*above picture taken from Wikipedia.



  1. I love the EC Bucks at CVS. Unfortunately I got out of the habit of going though and let some expire!!!!!! I felt sick.

    One kind of tricky thing about using them if you haven’t yet is you have to have the same number of items as bucks and you have to have something that costs as much as your biggest buck. For example, you can’t add all your bucks together and go save $50 off of one $50 item. The other thing, I’m not positive about, but it seems like if you’re trying to redeem say a $5 and a $3 buck and you’re buying 2 $4 items, you would only get $4 off from the $5 buck so you’d still have to pay $1. I’m going from memory so double check.

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