Posted by: Amy | April 16, 2009

I Am Thankful For….

Great Grandpa Rosenberger and Baby J

Great-Grandpa and Baby J

Great Grandpa Rosenberger and Baby J

Great-Grandpa and Baby J

I am thankful that I got the precious opportunity to witness a special bond between Baby J and Great-Grandpa.  I have not known Great-Grandpa for very long, as he is my step-father’s dad, and my mom and step-father just recently married.  I have been privelaged to get to know Great-Grandpa a little over the past year. 

Ever since I found out I was expecting a baby, he has shown great concern over my health.  When Baby J finally arrived, he asks about him all the time.  I have been able to take Baby J for some visits, and I just love watching the two of them togeher.  He laughs while watching Baby J wiggle and grunt.  He loves holding him.  I don’t think I have ever seen his smile fade while Baby J was in the room.  I am certain that he will be Baby J’s guardian angel when he passes on.

Great Grandpa has bladder cancer, and is not doing so well.  Even though my chance to get to know him was short, it has touched my life in such a wonderful way.  He is in his nineties, and has more drive than anyone I know!  He loves to spend time outdoors, especially gardening.  I hope he gets the chance to see his garden this year.



  1. Amy, I responded to your garden post over at my blog. Blessings! Annie

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