Posted by: Amy | April 19, 2009

Meet Junior

Junior is a fictitious character created by Dave Ramsey.  Yeah, I know, I have been on a Dave Ramsey kick here lately.  I can’t help it!  My husband has been volunteering at church for awhile now teaching Financial Peace University, and is now the coordinator.  He spent this weekend volunteering for the Dave Ramsey booth at the Midwest Homeschool Convention (which he really enjoyed, by the way, maybe you saw him there…) and brought home some wonderful gifts!  One of these gifts was Junior’s Adventures- The Boxed Set.


In this series of six books, Junior is a young boy who has various adventures involving money.  Each book is about a different adventure, and the stories are told in such a way that is engaging and fun for the child who is listening. (I recommend reading it out loud to make it more fun.) 

The different titles in this series are- Careless at the Carnival-Junior Discovers Spending, The Super Red Racer-Junior Discovers Work, My Fantastic Fieldtrip-Junior Discovers Saving, Battle of the Chores-Junior Discovers Debt, A Special Thank You-Junior Discovers Integrity, and The Big Birthday Surprise-Junior Discovers GivingMy oldest son found the set this morning and asked me to read some of the stories to him, which he really enjoyed.  I even heard him refer back to them later in the day.  I feel like they are written in a simple enough way that young listeners can understand the points being made.

My husband and I had the privilege of going to see Dave Ramsey Live!  a couple of years ago, and part of our gift included two of these books.  We now have two copies of Careless at the Carnival-Junior Discovers Spending, and My Fantastic Fieldtrip-Junior Discovers SavingI would like to have my first very own giveaway, so leave me a comment and let me know what you think!  I don’t seem to get very many comments, so the odds are pretty good.  I will take all the names from the comments and do a drawing on Friday.  Make sure to leave me a way to get in touch for mailing information.  Good luck!


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