Posted by: Amy | April 28, 2009

Teaching Tuesday- Time Management

We have a Wii.  We have a Playstation.  We have a TV.  We have a computer.  The list is endless!  What is my point?  Well, all this media technology, without the proper discipline, leads to a very unproductive and mind numbing life.  I am sure you are with me on this.  All of us parents want good healthy lifestyles for our children.  So, what have I done to help my children limit their time on these activities?  Let me tell you… 

I devised up a plan to help my children earn time to spend on these fun, but frivolous activities.  I made up a list of things I want them to accomplish each day, along with extra things that I deem necessary as they may pop into our day.  Some of the daily duties, so to speak, are- reading, hand-writing practice, workbook pages, picking up toys.  Occasionally, I have needed one or both of the boys to take care of something else, such as picking up the laundry, so things like that have made the list.  The boys can earn time points for each of these “jobs.”  For example, each book that little R reads, he gets a little piece of paper with a five on it.  For each workbook page that little C completes, he gets a piece of paper with a five on it.  These 5 point time tokenscan be saved up and spent on some of the aforementioned activities such as the Wii.  I was not sure how my little plan would work, but I have been happily surprised!  They love the new system!  In fact, I am amazed at how much more little R is reading, for instance.  Also, they are starting to be more particular on how and when they spend their time points.  I love it!


Another aspect of our new little system, is that points can be taken away for bad behavior.  I call it “paying a fine.”  My boys are notoriously bad for hitting each other when they get into a heated argument, for instance.  I have had a hard time putting a stop to this behaviour, up until now.  Hitting someone costs 10 time points!  After a few days of using our new system, the boys have learned rather quickly how hard it is to earn those time points in the first place, so the last thing they want to do is lose them.  I am feeling much more in control of how my boys are spending their time.  I have finally got their attention when it comes to bad behaviour as well.  Now, I just hope it lasts. ;-)   

Of course, there are some restrictions that are part of our system.  Only 30 minutes can be used at one time, and media time cannot be purchased after 7pm.



  1. I have used a system much like that in the past with my youngest son. His time on the X-Box was getting out of hand and when I would ask him to turn it off, he would have a meltdown. When I gave him tickets, he was excited about using them wisely and there were no more fits when it was time to get off. The X-Box had to be sent off for repair and was out of the house for about a week. When we got it back I didn’t implement the card system again, but we haven’t had the problem anymore. If it gets out of hand again, we will definately go back to it!

  2. It is so nice to know I am not the only one with these same kind of problems…LOL!

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