Posted by: Amy | April 29, 2009

Wordless Wednesday- 4/29/09

Baby J and Great-Grandpa

Baby J and Great-Grandpa



Please pray for Great-Grandpa.  It appears to be inevetible now that he will soon be on his way to be with our gracious and loving Father in heaven, but we just do not like seeing him suffer.



  1. Oh my goodness – the sweetest pictures ever!

    Prayers are on the way.

  2. Thank you, Casey. He needs them. :-(

  3. Those are sweet pictures! I know you will treasure them. Prayers for him.

  4. (((((HUGS))))) and prayers.

    Your # was selected to be the next Oopsy host. I sent an email to the addy you have listed here.

  5. Thanks for the hugs….

    We are so excited to host Oopsy! I have been showing the boys all of Oopsy’s travels. At first they were a little confused. Little R actually asked me if Oopsy was a real Care Bear…lol. Once he saw Oopsy on the blog posts, he finally got it. We have been talking about all the things we will have to do while Oopsy is here. This will be a great motivator to get out out and about…

  6. Thank you as well, Corey, for the prayers. We appreciate them. We will miss him.

  7. Precious pictures. Absolutely precious!!!

  8. Thank you Bridget.

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