Posted by: Amy | May 5, 2009

‘P’ is for- Pointalism

I have not been very good lately staying on top of little C’s school work, but here and there we have been working on a few things.  One of those things is the Veritas Phonics Museum.  I have mentioned before that at least once per week there is an “art” activity.  This week’s activity is pointalism (for the letter “P“.)


The Eiffel Tower

Pointalism was a style of painting that used points of color and relied on the eye and brain to blend them into a meaningful picture.  You can read about pointalism, and see some work of the artist Georges Seurat, here. 

Little C's "Purple Pansy"

Little C's "Purple Pansy"



  1. I love this! George Seurat is one of my favorites, too. The one and only time I’ve visited Paris, I saw a huge exhibit of his work. It was delightful. Thank you for bringing back many memories!

    As for the Phonics Museum… what do you think about it? I’ve considered it, but never taken the plunge. Maybe for my two little guys in a few years?


  2. I like the Phonics Museum. The only “beef” I have had is that the handwriting instruction is more like a pre-cursive. It is growing on me though. If you like artwork, you will love the Phonics Museum. Each letter is also centered around a different painting. It is pretty cool. My kids really like using it, and it get the phonics point across quite well.

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