Posted by: Amy | May 7, 2009

Library Discovery

My family, boys included, love audiobooks.  We have used them on many occasions such as riding in the car and for winding down at night before bedtime.  The only thing that I don’t like about audiobooks is that we do not always agree on what kind of audiobook to listen to.  When you consider the boys’ age difference, you can see why this is a problem.  Not to mention that I don’t like to listen to some of the same things as the boys. 

Because of this little issue, I thought I would invest in a couple of  i-Pods that we could use to download books .  Unfortunately, I am not very techno savvy, so I have had quite a problem with this task.  While I was at the Library one day, I asked if they had any kind of equipment available for the boys to borrow for use in listening to audiobooks.  You can imagine my surprise when the librarian introduced me to the Playaway!


I find this little devise to be quite intriquing.  It is available with an audiobook already digitally in existence.  All you need is your own headphones.  At our library, the Playaway checks out just like a book.  It is very simple to use, even my four-year-old has figured it out!  Unfortunately, not very many libraries around our city offers them, but maybe there will be more available in the future.  You can check out the Playaway website for more details on how to get your own personal players.  It appears that there is even some kind of exchange program available.



  1. How neat! I’m going to check that out.

  2. That is AWESOME!!!!! I will have to check out the website!! And make a hint to Army Libraries…they had audiobooks on CDs…and I have looked into checking them out on line—with the iPod (but to me it is so NOT user friendly). Thanks for the information!! Yep, on my wish list is the Amazon’s Kindle 2!! ;) But, we’ll have to save up for that one!

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