Posted by: Amy | May 25, 2009

Car Bags

I wish I had the great talent (or maybe it is patience…) for turning junk into treasure.  People that do that amaze me!  I am a purger.  I tend to just collect and dump, either into the trash or take to Goodwill.

However, the other day, I came up with a great idea!  I had some bags left over from the March of Dimes walkathon that I actually held on to.  My boys are always wanting to take things in the van to occupy their minds when we travel- even for small trips such as to the grocery store.  I get tired of all of their things ransacked around inside my van.  I like to keep it as tidy as I can.  (I guess it gives me some sence of organization and peace…LOL!)  So, I decided to use these extra bags for the boys to carry their items on the go, and I labeled them accordingly.  I usually load them up myself with things that I think will come in handy and encourage quiet car behavior.  Below are a couple of pictures and sample list of items that make for good car bag material.


Some ideas for inside the car bags:

  • kid’s magazine such as Highlight Hidden Pictures
  • Leapster with additional games
  • audiobooks (we have access to digital Playaways)
  • I-Pod or cd player
  • books
  • laminated flashcards on a key ring (I plan to make some eventually
  • snacks



What are some of your ideas?



  1. I can tell you what NOT to give them before or during the drive – anything with sugar.

  2. LOL! No kidding. :-)

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