Posted by: Amy | May 29, 2009

Time For a New Destination

And the winner is……

Daily Decadent!  Lucky for her, she was the only person to comment…LOL!  I will be sending Oopsy off as soon as I get a chance, which may even be today.  Make sure to visit her at her new destination.


I had so many plans for Oopsy while she was here.  Unfortunately, time just has not cooperated.  I don’t want to be an Oopsy Hog, so I have decided to offer her up for the next home!  I will give until Monday, June 1st for you to leave a comment if you wish to host her.  I will do a drawing Monday night and announce the winner on Tuesday morning!  Make sure to leave a link to your blog so I can contact you!

Farm May 23 2009027



  1. Dear Oopsy,

    Would love to have you come visit in cool, blue Canada. I’ll feed you. Take you places. Give you a cozy bed to sleep in.
    Wolves? Nooooo. That’s just how I tease my boys. I call them wolves. But they aren’t really. Really.

    Decadent Housewife

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