Posted by: Amy | June 12, 2009

What a Great Idea!

One of my BIGGEST pet peeves is that at any given moment I can look across the house at the bathroom and find the light on!  Always.  On.  I have told the boys countless time, “Please turn the light off when you are finished in the bathroom.”  After wasting so much of my own energy getting after them, and reading a friend’s clever post on Facebook, I decided to install (well, hubby did the installing…) a light switch with a motion sensor!

If only I knew these exsisted long ago!

If only I knew these exsisted long ago!

We found ours at The Home Depot for about $19.00.  There are a few different kinds available that offer a variety of ranges in motion detection.  We have installed a second in our basement. 

Now all we need is an automatic toilet flusher...LOL!


  1. That really is a great idea for the boys’ bathroom– except at almost 8 and 10yo, they still like for the light to be left on at night (it filters into the hallway and makes their room not so dark and creepy).

    In my bathroom, however, I can imagine being blinded in a midnight trip to the potty! rofl It would definitely take some getting used to. It would be handy for the coat closet though!

  2. Marsha, there is an over-ride button so you can leave the light on or off. That would take care of your night time problem. :-)


  3. That is an awesome idea!!! In Belgium we did great with turning off lights, etc etc (CONSERVATION) –mainly because of costs….but we definitely could use some of these light switches… COOL IDEA.

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