Posted by: Amy | June 14, 2009



I finally recieved my Green Screen order in the mail.  I ordered the 4oz. tube of SPF22 tinted sunscreen.  I am sorry to say that I am a little disappointed.  Perhaps I should have spent more time investigating, but not only does the sunscreen wash off with water, it looks very weird with the added tint.  I put it on Little C and it looked like he was covered in my make up…lol!  I guess I will check to see if they might have another product that will work for us, and I will let you know how it goes.

I guess it is one of those necessary evils.  I don’t know about you, but for me, putting sunscreen on my little guys is a HUGE chore!  Not only do they not like putting it on, but it seems to get everywhere while we are in the process. 

Okay, now you ladies out there with the little girls, I know, they probably stand still and don’t have any problem at all…lol!

Anyway, what got me thinking about sunscreen was the meeting I had with our pediatrician the other day.  Baby J is only four months old, so she said he shouldn’t have sunscreen on his little body yet.  I started asking more questions as to why, and what could we do instead.  She  then told me that I could use something with only zinc oxide as the active ingredient.  It would work well and be safe.

So… where do I find zinc oxide?  I remember the crazy colored sunscreens form long ago, and I remember something about zinc oxide being part of them.  Not only do I NOT want to lather Baby J up with crazy colored lotion, I am not even sure it is available anymore.  Our pediatrician told me that diaper cream has zinc oxide as the active ingredient.  Of course, diaper cream is thick and white, but I found that if you rub it in well it isn’t as obvious.  A little whiteish color is better than any sunburn, in my opinion.

All of this talk and tial with the diaper cream as a sunscreen led me to start googling.  I googled zinc oxide sunscreen and found quite a bit of information.  One interesting article that I found was at Healthy Child.  The author wrote about the dangers of other chemicals used in sunscreens.  I was kind of shocked!  I have been using all kinds of sunscreen on my children for the past six years.  My biggest concern (after avoiding Little R’s food allergies…) has been how strong is the sunscreen that I am going to use?  I have always been led to believe that the stronger the better.  Maybe this can explain why Little R’s skin turns horrible come summertime.

Maybe you are already well informed on this subject.  I would love to hear some of your thoughts.

I came across a brand that uses 25% zinc oxide and a tint to help with the whiteness.  It is called Green Screen, and is made by Kabana Skin Care.  I can’t wait to give it a try!



  1. Hi Amy,
    Oopsy arrived safely Monday afternoon. She was tired. She was pale. She is sound asleep right now.

    Come over and read all about it.

    Trish :)

  2. I’ve often wondered if by using sunscreen to avoid skin cancer, I was risking some other type of cancer from the sunscreen itself.

  3. Oh, the sunscreen! All kinds of issues… I know people who use diaper cream – some let their kids go without for the first 30 minutes then get them out of the water, dry them off and then apply it so that their kids get maximum sun for at least a few minutes – I’ve heard pool water is bad so you should shower immediately when you get home – and that vitamin d can be washed off, so don’t shower after being in the sun for two days – WHAT?! Anyway, I think the product you are using will be sufficient. No one likes sunburn – mine is itching as I type this ;) One of my friends reads Dr. Mercola’s website. I don’t know the address, but she has found a lot of info about the subject there.

    I don’t have a baby anymore so I just use regular sunscreen with a low SPF across the shoulders and nose. After a base tan I let them go without unless we’re out for a LONG time.

    I finally posted on my blog after a month and a half. I hope to be more consistent in the future.

  4. I knew that I was probably behind on the sunscreen issue…lol! I am glad you are back, Corey. I stopped by your blog, and your children and animals are all too cute. :-)

  5. Thank you for looking after Oopsy so well and for the great posts. I hope your children enjoyed having her stay. My favourite would have to be the nascar one!!

  6. You are most welcome, Caroline. We had fun with Oopsy. It was funny to see some people’s reactions when the saw us carrying her around to various places and taking pictures with her…lol! Especially the race car ones. I think the race car people were thinking I was a bit loony! They told me I could take her on the ride with me if I needed to, like she was my security blanket or something. It will be fun to see the rest of Oopsy’s adventures. I am also enjoying reading your blog, though I don’t always comment.

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