Posted by: Amy | July 1, 2009

Pre-Tball aka “Wizards”

Where we live, the local youth baseball association offers a program for the littlest guys to help them get started in the game of baseball.  The program is called “Wizards,” and it was designed to teach these little guys the basics of baseball.  There are not teams or games, only stations set up to help teach each skill needed to play the game. 

Little C and his Wizards coach.

Little C and his Wizards coach.

In the beginning of the lesson, all the children work on learning how to throw.  This is all done in a fun way such as throwing squishy balls at the coach, and throwing baseballs at metal trash cans hung on the fence (called “bing,” “bang,” “bong.”)  Learning how to catch the ball entails such language as “alligator snap!” (for catching grounders.)  You get the picture.  It is nothing but pure fun while learning how to play baseball.

He looks good, don't you think? :-)

He looks good, don't you think? :-)

"Pinkies down!" to practice "Alligator Snap!"

"Pinkies down!" to practice "Alligator Snap!"

At the end of the session, which is about six weeks long, the skill of sliding is introduced!  A large blue tarp is spread out in the grass and covered in water.  The children line up and take turns running and sliding in the way the instructor demonstrated.  This, of course, is the highlight of the experience!

Just a little reluctant....

Just a little reluctant....




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