Posted by: Amy | August 4, 2009

Our School Day… so far anyway :-)

I just visited Marsha’s blog at Our Homeschool and Other Such Happenings, and got the idea to write this post.  I am hoping that I can get some feedback from all of my homeschooling friends out there!

Right now, our curriculum is as follows:

MathSaxon Math 1

Phonics/handwriting/readingVeritas Phonics Musuem

History/geography/bible/literature/grammar- Tapestry of Grace (The grammar section is kind of weak.  There is the option of adding TOG’s Writing Aids, but I am not sure we should get into grammar deeply until we have mastered reading???)

Read Aloud with mom:  The Boxcar Children Series

Audiobooks (for car rides)-Various titles from the library

Various-Computer softwar, Homemade lapbooks, File folder Games

P.E.-Other than the normal activity of boys… Tae Kwon Do lessons twice per week.

I don’t have anything for spelling (are we ready for that yet???  I am thinking we need to get through phonics first,)  latin (what is a good age to start latin???)  art, music, or science.  The Veritas Phonics museum does include a small art lesson once per week (not very comprehensive, though.) 

Right now, our week is as follows:

Mon-Fri:  math, phonics, handwriting, reading, read aloud time with mom, file folder games, computer activities

Mon:  history/grammar

Tues:  bible (though, we do have bible discussions on a regular basis per the boys’ many questions…lol)

Wed:  literature, art

Thurs:  geography

Fri:  review of TOG subjects, field trips

I would LOVE some feedback from you veterns out there! 




  1. Hi Amy-

    I think it looks like a great plan!

    My opinion is that you do NOT need to worry about spelling right now. I would focus on learning to read and then just reading together and maybe setting aside a time each day to play games together– for us, it used to be our before lunch activity. :) Or it can be post lunch for you while the littlest naps.

    We have been very pleased with Song School Latin. I highly recommend it! It is for K-3 although we are using it just now at 2nd and 4th grade. I think it would be a little early to add it to your homeschool right now. Perhaps when you establish a routine with your new schedule, see if that’s something that you want to use. Or you can do it in 1st grade and then go over it one more time in 2nd grade. Then by 3rd grade you can move on to the next level (which is geared to grade 3 and up- I think).

    Take the time to sit down and write your educational goals for this year. In our K years, my goals were first Reading, then being able to write letters (one page a day of handwriting- we did Getty Dubay Italics), and counting (easy math games). All the other stuff like history and science were EXTRA. Don’t let it stress you if you don’t get it all done or if the boys just don’t “get it”.

    Read together, play games together, explore together… make it enjoyable for you and your kids so you start this whole school thing off on a positive note. :)

  2. Duh! I just realized that you have a K graduate already.

    Regardless, I would start spelling after reading becomes comfortable. We began to do super easy words in 1st grade and focused more on spelling in general in 2nd grade. It took Noah a while to catch on to spelling– he would miss super easy words! But then one day something clicked in his head and he has been doing great.

    Oh and one more thing. My Austin especially hated the physical task of writing– still does actually. To make spelling more fun, I’d let him go to the dry erase board to write his words out. Handwriting did not matter, so long as his letters were legible and in the right order! ;)

  3. You are so awesome Marsha! Thank you for you extremely quick response! LOL! I truly appreciate you taking the time to give me feedback :-)

  4. It looks pretty well rounded already, Amy :-)

    Reading aloud is a really good thing when they are little and use a variety of things to read. Without you realizing it, they will pick up a lot of grammar and good writing skills which you’ll notice in their future schooling years. Science topics tend to be interesting to younger boys, especially experiment hands-on type things. Make sure you have something physical every day for them, too, even if it’s running around the house twice a day or down the driveway back and forth a few times.

    Tammy ~@~

  5. Thanks for your feedback, Tammy. I have already noticed a larger vocabulary coming out of their little mouths at times…lol! I try to get good unabridged audiobooks from the library for our car rides. My hubby has rolled his eyes at me for this because he thinks the vocab is “over their heads,” which he may be right, but I believe that this is how they learn! Many times I have heard them use words from the stories they listened to.

    Science is my hard one right now. I have to come up with a structured plan so I feel organized. I am thinking about making up lapbooks to cover whatever science topic we are studying, but it’s the topics I am struggling over right now. I want the topics to tie in with our TOG studies.

  6. Hi Amy!
    I looks like you’re off to a good start and snagged some good tips in the comments here.

    If you boys enjoy drawing, I recommend doing the “draw and caption” assignments from TOG. For Year One they get to make a “People of the Ancient World” book. They can draw one page and with your help write a caption, or fold the paper into thirds so they begin thinking about first, second, last events in narrative (three pictures, top to bottom). You don’t need Writing Aids for this, but can follow the Level 1 assignments.

    We have used Shurley Grammar level 1 in first grade, but as you say, reading is a first priority. (Level one is actually designed for kids learning to read, but you can get by with out it if you need to.) Another idea is to simply talk about the parts of speech that are suggested in TOG Writing level one.

    I’m excited that we’re both doing Year One! How fun!

  7. Amy, boys tend to enjoy science topics and I think making lapbooks would be an excellent idea!

    Tammy ~@~

  8. Thanks, Tammy :-)

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