Posted by: Amy | August 26, 2009

School Thoughts

We are into our fourth week of school, and I am finally starting to feel like I have it together.  I struggled wholeheartedly with the decision of wether or not to homeschool, and in the end I truly heard God speak to my heart.  I will tell you, I have never had a harder decision to make, but now that I am here I cannot imagine it any other way!  I am certain that this is where God wants me right now.  I have come to the realization, too, that He will guide and comfort me along this journey.  I am grateful to be here :-)

So far, we are liking or choice of curriculum very much.  Well, I guess Little R wouldn’t say the same for some of his work (he complains about any handwriting and reading,) but he has said many times when we finish the days work, “That was fun!” 

The Saxon Math 1 curriculum we chose still seems kindof easy, but I started doubling up on the lessons for now.  I don’t want to skip them because it is good review, but it is mind numbing to sit there doing too easy work.  I have to keep Little R somewhat challenged or I lose his attention.  The Veritas Phonics Museum is going well also.  I was worried about the D’Nelian style of handwriting, but Little R has amazed me!  His fine motor skills have improved GREATLY since last year at this time. 

An Egyptian Paddle Doll.

This is a picture of an Egyptian Paddle Doll. This was an activity that we did with the TOG curriculum during Week 1 Unit 1 studies.

I have to say that our favorite work right now is what Tapesty of Grace has brought to the table.  Little R, and Little C for that matter, have learned so much already from our Ancient Egyptian Studies.  I also believe Little R has the story of Moses engrained in his mind forever…lol!  He and his litte friend K have been pretending to be baby moses and the princes (Little K is his girly friend that lives behind us.)  Another example happened one evening while we were playing outside.  He had a tennis racket in his hand and he layed it across his back with his arms hanging over the sides.  He said, “Look mom, I look like an Egyptian.”  One day when I was struggling to get him to clean up a mess of toys he made, he finally got angry with me and told me, “I am not an Isrealite!”  While I cannot condone the disrespect he directed at me, I had a hard time holding back a laugh at that one!  I thought to myself, -wow!  He is really soaking in this information.  It’s funny how the information they are learning seems to creep up at such odd times.  I am thrilled, though. 

Little R working on his paddle doll.

Little R working on his paddle doll.

The things that I really like about Tapestry of Grace start first with how well it ties in with Bible studies.  After that, I very much like using real books for our studies of the time period.  And, of course, the hands on activities.  Here is another picture of a TOG acitivity…

Little C and Little R working with clay.  What started out as a pyramid project, turned into clay coil!

Little C and Little R working with clay. What started out as a pyramid project, turned into clay coil!

Another stuggle for me in regards to being a new homeschool mom, is learning how to relax!  If there are any new homeschoolers out there reading this post, you know where I am coming from.  I finally decided to break our schooling down into blocks of importance so I feel less overwhelmed.  The first block includes the three r’s.  For us it is our math and reading curriculum (our reading program includes writing as well.)  I know that if I can accomplish this task everyday for my first grader, then I will be fine.  Next my goal is filliing in our TOG studies (this program includes history, literature, geography, Bible, and art.)   Science is left up to me, so I decided to use lapbooks to guide us.  I cannot recommend them enough!   I will have to dedicate a post to this subject alone.

I am at peace with my decision to homeschool.  It is overwhelming sometimes, especially at first.  If you are new to the realm of homeschooling and are feeling overwhelmed, hang in there!  Pray about it.  I know this has helped me ;-)


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