Posted by: Amy | November 2, 2009

Where Does the Time Go?

I guess the saying is true: “Time flies when you are having fun.”  The month of October proved to be just that- fun!  We were very blessed to be able to start the month off with a wonderful vacation to Florida with my mother-in-law and father-in-law.  We stayed in a private condo that was just wonderful!  Not only was it clean and decorated very invitingly, but it had a real kitchen! 

You might not understand why, on a vacation, I am excited to have a kitchen.  Having a child with severe food allergies greatly limits us as to where we can eat out.  We virtually NEVER eat out!  I have to add, also, that having a wonderful mother-in-law along who cooks wonderful meals was just the icing on the cake to made our stay even that much better.

I already posted a few pictures on a random post previous to this one, so I won’t add a ton of those.  I would like to add just one, though…


Little C, Baby J, and Little R.

… I wanna go back!




  1. Just popped in to see how they are growing – my! Hope your school year is going well.

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