Posted by: Amy | November 3, 2009

Wright-Patterson Airforce Museum

After returning home from vacation, we spent a good solid week on school- which is going great, by the way!  (I will have to make a post all about school later…)  Then, we had a week of school and field trips.  It almost felt like a mini-vacation in itself…lol!

Our first field trip was to the Wright-Patterson Airforce Museum.  It was a really fun experience.  The boys were amazed at all of the airplanes the museum owned and displayed.  It was very neat to see how the airplanes changed in design over the years.

I thought the museum did a great job of creating displays centered around different eras, such as the world wars, Vietnam, and even the Cold War.  One of the most touching display for me was a small one about the Holocaust.  I have always found that topic very intriguing, but emotionally appalling. 

There were also displays that included information about what it is like to be involved in wars now, like Afghanistan and Iraq.  I truly felt serious emotion while I was looking at all the planes and reading the various pieces of information.  There were even many videos that showed different people being interviewed about their experiences first hand during these rough times.

Little R out in space!

My boys especially liked the space displays.  There was an astronaut’s suit that you could stand in behind for pictures.  There was also a simulation booth that gave you an example of what it would be like to blast off into space!  And, there was a whole room displaying rockets!

Little C out in space!

In the hands-on room, we were lucky to have met a volunteer who really had a passion for his job.  He taught me some things, as well as my boys.  I wish I would have thought to get his name.  It is rare to meet people in the world today who are so wonderfully helpful. 

There is a display of some of the Presidential Planes, but were did not get to see those this time.  We will be sure to plan for that on our next trip.  We can’t wait to go back!

Would you believe me if I told you this was all FREE!  If you have the opportunity to visit the Wright-Patterson Airforce Museum in Dayton, OH, it is a must!

*I would have added more pictures, but it was a bit dark in the museum so they did not turn out well.


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