Posted by: Amy | November 18, 2009

db~ Which is Which?

Do you have a child that has a problem getting their letters ‘d’ and ‘b’ mixed up?  Well, I sure do… At least up until now!  I realize that there are probably countless tricks already out there to help teach this problem, but I don’t always have time to go searching.  So, sometimes I wing it- so to speak.

I told Little R to pay attention to the direction that sentences flow.  They always flow from left to right-  correct?  So, we could also call that moving forward- correct?  Okay, so when it comes to figuring out the difference between the letters ‘d’ and ‘b,’ we will know which letter it is because ‘b’ always bounces forward! ;-)




  1. That’s a good one. I use the thumbs-up fists. With thumbs-up and fisted fingers facing you (finger knuckles together) your hands form the letter “b” and “d”. B comes before d in the alphabet, so “b” looks like the left fist.


  2. I like that one, too! Thanks, Mrs. Edwards.

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