Posted by: Amy | November 29, 2009

Baby Ben Update 3

*12-2-09 Baby Ben is now home!  A sincere thanks to ALL of you, from Baby Ben’s parents.  God is good!

I just recieved an email from Baby Ben’s mom!  It sounds like he is doing great!  Praise be to God!

I just wanted to send you an update. Yesterday was a big day. I cannot name all the tubes and things that they took out of him. He was taken off the ventalator pretty early and did great. It is amazing that the little guy is not in pain. They are only giving him a sort of liquid ibuprophen. They let him start eating again in the afternoon and has done an awesome job at that too. In fact he is now doing so well they are transferring him today to the step down unit! That means we are only a few days away from coming home with him. I cannot believe the last 5 days have even happened, but it is amazing to see how good God is. He had heart surgery less than 2 days ago and is now being transfered out of the ICU!

Thank you ALL for the prayers!  You will never know what it means to Baby Ben’s family.  I will keep updating as Baby Ben progresses.  I hope to have a new picture to post soon.


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