Posted by: Amy | January 11, 2010

Ancient History

I am finally feeling like I have the swing of things as far as our Tapestry of Grace studies are concerned.  In fact, we are loving the TOG journey!  We are in our first year studies, and we just started Unit 2. 

We had fun looking at Ancient India, and are currently diving into Ancient China.  For our Ancient India activity, we decided to make a Pacheesi board game.  It is not exactly like it would have been back in the day since we used poster board instead of fabric and beautiful embroidery.  But, it worked!  Here are some pictures…

Homemade Parcheesi

Homemade pawns made out of clay and beads

The boys got a real game of Parcheesi for Christmas. We enjoy playing it better than our homemade one.




  1. That’s a great home made board! We made a home made modern board because I couldn’t find a good pattern for the older versions. I’m impressed with yours! It is great to see you enjoying TOG!

  2. Thanks for your compliment, Mrs. Edwards! Coming from you, it means a lot.

    I duplicated a version that I found through the TOG website. I wish I had more vibrant colors to use instead of the softer ones I ended up with. The boys made the pawns by themselves. Anytime they can get their hands into clay they are happy!

  3. I haven’t played Parchessi in years! I wonder if we even have the game board anymore…..

    Tammy ~@~

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