Posted by: Amy | January 27, 2010

REAL Science from Pandia Press

I am excited to share a “science find” that I happened upon this morning!  In an email from Home School, Inc., I learned about R.E.A.L. Science Odyssey.  Pandia Press has offered a wonderful preview of the curriculum, and, what’s more is that Pandia Press has made available a free preview that you can print from home! 

I have printed the Life Level One for my own family to try, and I am thoroughly impressed with what I see so far.  There seems to be a lot of detail, and it looks put together in a way that I believe will not be intimidating to my children (or myself for that matter!) 

I should add, too, that there is also Earth & Space and Chemistry available for science study.  Pandia Press also has available a large selection titled History Odyssey that I believe is set up to follow the classical education timeline. 


  1. Thanks for the post! I found the curriculum and then the link about the free trial. Can’t wait to tryit out. How has it been for you now that you have tried it for a while?


  2. Hi Kristin. I am glad you found my post! I think you will like it, a lot. So far, I like it, too. However, we just joined a co-op that starts in the fall, and science will be the main class.

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