Posted by: Amy | January 6, 2011

The Big Debate

For a long time now, there has been a lot of worry and claim that vaccinations can lead to autism.  Some have even brought up the question of whether or not vaccinations can lead to food allergies as well.  I have written about this in the past expressing my own concerns.  I absolutely want to know the truth, if the truth exists (which, one day I believe it will.)  But for now, I have developed my own opinion about how to handle the dilemma of whether or not to vaccinate.

A friend of mine posted this article from CNN on his Facebook page.  You may have read or heard about it already.  Dr. Andrew Wakefield conducted a study in Britain that involved patients with autism and the link to vaccination, particularly the MMR vaccination.  The results of his study were spread all over the media and caused panic to many parents.  Consequently, a very large number of children were not vaccinated when they normally should have been.  This greatly lowered herd immunity and has led to a loss of the lives of many children.  To make matters worse, it appears that his study was falsified.  You can read more about that in the above link to CNN.

My motive for writing this article is not to support whether or not vaccinations lead to things such as autism or food allergies.  We truly do not have enough evidence to support either way. After reading this article, and learning the effects of NOT using vaccinations, I have come to realize the true importance of them.  I have had my own struggle with whether or not to use vaccinations after reading many claims of the links to autism and food allergies.  My oldest son has life threatening food allergies, and I have a strong desire to know what has caused it.  However, the effects of this bogus study have proven what can happen if vaccinations were stopped.  We have solid proof that these diseases in which vaccinations prevent have horrible consequences, including death.  We do not have enough evidence that vaccinations lead to autism or food allergies.  And even if we did, would we choose a path that could lead to death?

I truly believe that we will someday have an answer.  It is a shame that all the money that was spent on this falsified study was not used on a true one.  But, thank you Dr. Wakefield for clearing up my clouded thoughts on whether or not to vaccinate!



  1. Great post. Safely forgoing vaccines is a choice that depends on all in your surrounding community being vaccinated. We don’t stop to realize how vaccines have changed our very existence as a culture. Take a visit to Africa and one realizes very quickly that fact. Those old enough to remember polio or have family members that died from diphtheria or other disease shake their heads at my generation that shuns immunizations out of fear of what is, as you said, a very speculative risk.

    As an aside, I bristle when people preach about the evils of medical testing on animals. Were it not for animal testing, we would not have a polio vaccine today. I’m sure it is a similar situation for other vaccines. Do we prefer to test vaccines on humans? So much of this moral judgment is muddied by a culture that no longer is guided by Biblical principles: man is created in the image of God; animals are not. None of God’s creation should be mistreated or used, but it is absurd to place the value of animals above humans.

    So sorry about your boys’ food allergies. I can imagine the daily frustration that this must be–such a grind that one starts to think nothing could be worse. Hang in there!

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